Miner's Daughter

Laskas Gretchen Moran
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Backbreaking work, threadbare clothes, and black coal dust choking the air -- this is what a miner's daughter knows. Willa Lowell fears that this dust marks her to be nothing else, that she will never win against the constant struggle to survive. Even the fierce flame of her family's love -- her one bright spot against the darkness -- has begun to dim. Willa yearns for a better life -- enough food to eat, clothes that fit, and a home free of black grit. She also yearns for a special love, the lo

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ISBN: 9781471103582
Author: Laskas Gretchen Moran
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Language: English
Publication Date: 11/12/2012
Format: EPUB
Est. Pages: ?0
Genre: Children's, young adult & educational - Children's & young adult fiction & true stories